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We have developed a low cost but highly accurate solution for non-invasive jaundice (sv. gulsot) detection and measurement, with the ability to be widely spread and used by any clinic in the world and also affordable by any rural community and private individuals.


Current jaundice meters optically measure the bilirubin level using highly expensive spectrometer sensors. The major brands are very expensive as the cost per unit is around $10.000 or more. We are working for an affordable device.


Jaundice today is mainly diagnosed by invasive methods such as blood analysis, which is associated with the risk of infection, causes discomfort and pain, and also relies on certain clinical expertise. Jaisy is a non-invasive device.

Home Monitoring

We are evaluating the opportunity in selling our device and end-user application directly to parents, through pharmacies or online, who want to perform the jaundice test at home on their own.

With Jaisy, Together, we can save millions of lives and decrease the burden on health care systems

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Jaisy Health AB selected one of the winners of Venture Cup Sweden East.

Jaisy Health AB is selected as one of the winners of Venture Cup Sweden East. We are awarded the prize as a winner in the “Impact Maker” category and got 50K Sek. https://newsroom.notified.com/venture-cup-2/posts https://newsroom.notified.com/venture-cup-2/posts/news/med-deras-innovation-kan-vem-som-helst-radda

We were in Boston

We have been Boston. As a part of the Brighter Program, we went to Boston and had a great time. We visited Robert S. Langer’s lab and had a chance to talk with him. It Read more…

We received Vinnova innovative Funding

The Swedish Innovation agency Vinnova has accepted the Jaisy project into its innovative Startup Funding program. We are pleased to access this funding. It is a valuable and essential contribution to Jaisy.

We participated in e-Boat Camp

E-Boat camp organised by EIT Health with Lodz Medical University. The activity covers visiting some baltic countries/cities and contacts the health sectors professionals. E-Boat is an accelerator for start-ups with innovative mobile health solutions. The unique Read more…


The team has been part of KTH Innovation since February 2018 and has been part of the KTH Innovation pre-Incubator program since last September receiving extensive coaching support for commercialization as well as exposure to new and useful networks and experts
Huseyin Aytug

Huseyin Aytug

Co-founder and the Data Guy

He has received his MA and PhD in Economics from the University of California-Santa Cruz. He worked for 4 years as an Economist at central banks (Turkey and Saudi Arabia). He also has 1 year of experience as a Data Scientist and has project manager in a consulting firm for medical device producers located in Sweden. Currently, he is working as a Senior Data and Research Analyst in Swedish House of Finance at Stockholm School of Economics

Hasan Basri Celebi

Hasan Basri Celebi

Co-founder and the Inventor Guy

He has received his MSc in Electronics Engineering from University of South Florida. He is currently a PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department at KTH. He worked for 6 years as a senior embedded software developer. He holds a patent regarding non-invasive jaundice detectors. He has international publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Murat Cetiner

Murat Cetiner

Co-founder and the IT Guy

He has a Master’s degree in Communication from Marmara University and is currently a PhD Candidate in the same university working on Social Media. He has 18 years of professional experience in project management of large IT projects, data analysis, data mining, and social media. He also has two years of experience in United Nations IT department and has managed World Bank projects.

Mikael Norman

Mikael Norman

Advisor of Jaisy / Professor/senior physician

Presently he works - besides being a clinician and researcher - as chair for the Swedish Neonatal Quality Register, Associate Editor for the Swedish Medical Journal and Consultant for the Swedish Patient Insurance Company.

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